Finance Technologies LTD.

About Us

Finance Technologies LTD. is an investment management firm that employs mathematical, statistical methods, as well as historical patterns in the design and execution of its investment programs.


Founded in 2010

Significant employee investment in the funds we manage. Average tenure of more than 12 years across our 100 employees. Intellectually vibrant culture of collaboration, discipline, critical analysis, and intense research. 10 PhDs in mathematics, physics, computer science, and related fields.


A MacArthur Fellow, National Academy of Sciences members, and many authors of widely cited scientific papers. On-the-job training in quantitative portfolio management. From 10 years of experience in developing and managing proprietary quantitative trading strategies. We apply a unified approach based on data as well as historical patterns for our fund. A research database that grows by more than 1 terabytes a day. 1,000 computer cores with 62 gigabits per second of global connectivity. Redundant computational facilities, each fully capable of supporting our trading operations


CEO, CFO, maecenas and philanthropist


Co-founder of the company, second person on the board of directors

Oliver Johnson

Financial planner and a Financial advisor